“Reality is mer…

“Reality is merely and illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein

My friend told me tonight, always focus on the good, never look back on the bad. But it got me thinking… just how fine a line is it between focusing on the good, and living in denial? 


4 thoughts on ““Reality is mer…

  1. That’s a great post because it asks a great question! Fine lines are everywhere! I don’t know if you want answers, but if you do, here’s my perspective. I think it’s valuable to learn from the tough bits. But, if you allow yourself to wallow in it, you’ll be missing something from the good side that might want your attention as well. What’s more you could certainly benefit from giving that attention to the brighter side. That’s what I would say. Take what you can from the rough and tumble, because goodness knows life can hammer down with plenty of that, but learn from it, forgive, and move on. Don’t let it shackle you.


  2. I agree with that thought just recently, I cant remember who said it but in short they said we crave happiness in our lives that pretend to be happy and live our lives as fakes, which is true..if we can’t recognize conflict then there is no room to grow, great things are created come from destruction.

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